Bikeep by E-Kruise is determined to provide high functioning and easy-to-use bike racks networking throughout urban neighbourhoods. These App based locking systems will allow subscribers to park and lock their bike with a secure steel bar that is internally wired to sound a high decibel alarm as well as notify the subscriber and the Bikeep team.

Bikeep For Businesses

With Bikeep, your customers or staff can securely store their bikes while they shop or work, eat or drink providing them with the peace of mind they need to enjoy their time at your business.

The Bikeep Vision

Bikeep has envisioned metropolitan cities where majority of everyday commuters have left cars behind and are using public transportation and/or micro-mobility as the main way of getting from A to B.

Cities and the citizens understand the common idea of sustainable green cities being the optimal environment for living and are making decision to live the principles related.

In an ideal city, people will use personal light vehicles or use shared rental vehicles, especially within the 30 minute riding radius.

In the envisioned cities, the two types of micromobility will be complementary, with personal vehicles servicing majority of routine commutes, whereas shared fleets will cover rides of more unpredictable tendency.

The two types of light commuting will also grow in parallel, but the significant part from all rides will be with personal vehicles. Therefore, Bikeep will strongly focus to build up the personal light vehicle parking networks throughout the cities.

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